About Us

An event management company engaged in carrying out brand and sales promotion activities for their esteemed clients since year 2008.

Our main focus is on innovative opportunities that exists in the ever expanding media landscape, we cultivate-venture for clients from original concept & strategy to execution.

Our Philosophy :-

“The name of the game is constant change and that will be the only consistent feature of life today and in future”, so we are in continuous process of re- engineering and keep ourselves up-dated with the fast changing trends of the market and respond accordingly.

Our USP:-

Owns almost every single component, that is required to give the final shape to any event or an activity & leaves no option for out- sourcing of material and talent, hence a self reliant unit to deliver you the best.

Our Team

A highly motivated team with an amalgamation of diverse talent and first- hand experience, the rich diversity in the composition of our team enables us to offer complete solutions to our clients, free from the bounds of conventional classifications of communication silos.

Aaditya Event is lead by peoples who has wide experience in media consultancy services and communication strategy design. We believe effective communication is blend of information, education and entertainment. We have wide exposure of media interventions especially in the state of MP. The people are professionally trained and experienced to carry out their responsibilities.